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Facilities/Services Available

Powder Coating and Stove Enamelling

BPF operates three finishing lines suitable for any sized job, small individual components to extra large projects, up to 7m x 2.9m x 2.4m. We provide a full range of finishes to your specification including, epoxy/polyester and polyester powders and also air drying and stoving paints. Our team is available to help if you are unsure of the best finish available.

BPF’s three spraying lines utilise the following equipment:

1x 7.5m long, 2.9m wide, 2.4m high gas fired box oven,
1x 6.5m long, 2.2m wide, 2.2m high gas fired box oven
1x 1.8m long, 1.2m wide, 2.0m high gas fired box oven (installed March 2011)

1x 3.7m water back booth for spraying
1x 2.9m water back booth for spraying
1x Dry back filter booth for spraying

Colour Matching

We hold an extensive stock of paints and powders, if we do not hold the required colour or finish we are able to match to RAL, BS, Pantone, Crown, Dulux, Farrow and Ball etc., paints in house.

Link to RAL Chart
Link to BS Chart
Link to Pantone Chart

Pre-treatment and Preparation

In order to guarantee the final finish, BPF will correctly prepare the items ready for coating in line with our customers requirements either by agreeing the ideal finish the goods should be received in, or recommending a range of treatments in order to achieve the final finish. These may include:


We are able to shot blast items of any size, from small to medium sized items in our own shot blasting facility or through a local out-sourced operation.

Degreasing and washing

As part of our service, we degrease parts of all sizes and clean small to medium items with our in-house phosphate wash facilities to give the optimum finish.


Masking options are available to meet the requirements of the project, to achieve accurate and defined areas that are ‘powder free’, caps and plugs are used to mask threaded components.

Final Assembly and Storage 

Final assembly work or final packaging is offered so the product leaves our factory ready for you to deliver direct to your end customer or hold within your warehouse. Also operations such as inserting rubber grommets and sleeves, labelling and simple add on items can be achieved.

Our factory also offers large storage capacity suited for short to medium term storage of items.

Packaging & Delivery

We package and protect items as required using a range of materials such as cardboard, bubble wrap and shrink wrap onto a pallet. We also provide a pick up and delivery service from Birmingham to the South Coast.

Aerosols and Touch Up

BPF has the in-house facility to make aerosol spray cans (minimum order six) or provide touch-up pots from our extensive range of powders and paints. Any colour paint can be matched and produced into aerosols or touch up pots.