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Electric Fly Killer Units

Do not let flies threaten your business!

Flies may seem like a nuisance, but they can also threaten your business.  Live or dead flies can be particularly problematic for food preparation industries and commercial kitchens.  Attracted by the food, flies can spread bacteria and cause disease.

Safeguard offer a variety of electric fly killer units including electric killing grids and a variety of sticky board units.  These units can be purchased, hired or maintained.

Optica 180Optica 180

The Optica 180 brings together the latest developments in translucent materials.

  • UV blind Spots for Maximum Control
  • Translucent Materials Technology increases Rate/Volume of Catch Results even for Fruit & Drain Flies
  • Optional Splash & Jet Proof
  • Full HACCP Compliant


Cobra Fly KillerCobra Fly Killer

The new and innovative translucent technology incorporated in the Cobra enhances the UV light intensity, compared to similar types of units. This unique UV dispersing technology allows the light to shine from the front, top and sides covering large areas and increasing the fly catch even for small flies.

  • 2 Finishes – Translucent or Grey 
  • Unique Design
  • Tested Efficiency
  • Silent Operation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Glue boards are grid marked to assist with monitoring
  • Large Catch Area

Viper II Fly Killer Viper II Fly Killer

Viper offer insect control for commercial premises, which require efficient products at a competitive price.

The new VIPER II range has been designed and built to the highest standards and all units carry international safety certification.

  • Easy Tool-Free Maintenance
  • Free Standing, Wall Mounted or Suspended
  • Deep Catchment Tray

Vector Plasma Fly Killer Vector Plasma Fly Killer

The Vector Plasma One has been developed as one of the brightest traps on the market.

  • High Catch Rate – Carefully angled glue boards disrupt flies’ flight pattern providing higher catch rate
  • Constant UV Output – High frequency ballasts provide flicker free, silent UV output
  • Thin Design – Unobtrusive profile is suitable for most ‘back-of-house’ fly control needs
  • Sanitary Solution – Keeps flying insects intact and confined to the glue board surface for easy disposal and monitoring

Liberator Fly Killer Liberator Fly Killer

The development of this range focused upon excellent design and quality with the primary emphasis placed upon achieving optimum performance and maximum reliability

  • Robust product, designed and engineered for the toughest environments.
  • High UV output and insect attraction
  • Each unit offers the convenience of two mounting options – suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the wall.
  • Large Catch area provided by the High Voltage Killing Grid.
  • Certified to meet worldwide safety regulations


 For Small Commercial Sites:

EcoZap T26EcoZap T26

The EcoControl is a highly effective electric fly killer with the latest energy efficient UV light technology and is perfect for domestic and small commercial premises.

  • Energy saving Ecolite tubes
  • Free standing, wall mounted or suspended
  • Deep catchment tray
  • Solid aluminium construction with grease, corrosion and scratch proof.



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