Bumper Conveyor

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The Bumpa is a very popular elevator. Easy to transport and install makes it very suitable for domestic construction.

The Bumper is very efficient when you are transporting up to rooftop level, this ingenious tile lift has been specially designed to get slates, tiles and blocks up to where they are needed quickly and with minimum effort.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick to install. 80kg max payload. 
  • Suitable for carrying tiles, bricks, blocks and mortar. 
  • Continuous action speeds up the process. 
  • Easily repositioned on site. 
  • Lightweight 76kg unit can be easily moved by two men.
  • Facility for running in reverse if required. 
  • Available in Petrol, 110v or 240v power options. 
  • Proven reliability and simple design. 
  • Available in 5m, 8m and 10m versions.