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The Rack and Pinion type design is the new generation of Vertical Platform Hoists.

… marking a significant advancement in the area of safety and efficiency. The 300Z model is an excellent piece of equipment providing a rapid lifting speed of 20m/min and a load capacity of 300kg. An added feature of the 300Z is the provision for carrying scaffold tubes and other larger items by utilising a purpose designed scaffold rack.

The 300Z has a single touch control enabling the operator to continue working while the hoist is in operation. A built in limit switch stops the hoist at loading level and 2m above ground..

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 50m in height
  • Safe working load (SWL) 300kg
  • Hoisting speed 20m/min
  • Electric/mechanical interlocking gates
  • 415v 0r 240v electric options
  • Scaffold rack
  • Transported by trailer.