Maber 500/120

Maber 500/120 2018-01-26T14:35:04+00:00

MABER 500/120

Available as 240V single phase 300KG SWL or 415v three phase 500KG SWL.

The Rack & pinion hoist is strong & durable with a good size platform. A great advantage with this hoist is the base unit can simply be taken apart which is very suited to projects with limited access.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximum height up to 120 Metres
  • 300KG (SWL) OR 500KG (SWL)
  • Climbing speed 20M/min
  • Can be erected as a fixed lift OR a turn-in 90 degree position
  • Electric /mechanical landing gates. 
  • Cage Length 1.5m X cage width 1.3m X cage height 1.1m.