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The external elevator from RPH Hire Services is a unique service enabling goods and materials to be hoisted up to almost any window, balcony or roof terrace, without the need of scaffolding and a permanent hoist on site.

This service is particularly suitable for hoisting up a known quantity of materials or equipment in a pre-arranged time span economically and efficiently.


  • 1 Hour rate.
  • 3 Hour rate.
  • Day rate.
  • All with additional time available.


  • No scaffolding required.
  • Flexible booking procedure.
  • Installed in 15 minutes.
  • Supplied with trained operator.
  • From 1st to 12th floor (3m – 35m).
  • 300kg – 400kg lifting capacity available.
  • Hoisting Speed of elevation maximum 50 metres per minute.
  • No damage to interior walls and fittings.

Call our sales team on 01737 784444 who will be happy to advice or to source your required product for you.

The RPH operative arrives with the Truck Mounted elevator. Parking for the external elevator must be arranged by yourselves in advance.

The machine is already set up to access the fifth floor by way of the penthouse terrace.

More than half the goods are already safely in the new home.

The last items are swiftly moved in. The use of the elevator has enabled the job to be completed in less time and with less labour than alternative methods.