C36TW SELF-PROPELLED SWEEPER 2017-10-29T15:11:24+00:00


The mechanical sweeper vastly reduces the time required to remove loose chippings from the roof area during renovation work.

This machine is ideal for the removal of chippings on flat roofs, cleaning and roughening of concrete surfaces and removing old coatings, for example painted surfaces and markings. With a working width of 200mm and adjustment on the depth of the drum, this machine is very easy to handle and control.

Warning: The powerful brushing action can be used to collect excess chippings prior to scarifying, or to sweep debris following the operation. The petrol engine provides power to both the wheels and the brush, which are operated by a single lever on the handle bars.

A second lever enables the brush to be angled to sweep debris to either side. The brush can easily be disconnected from the power unit to allow ease of hoisting to roof level.

Warning: This machine must only be used where there is suitable roof edge protection in place.