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What our clients say

Rebekah is without doubt my go to person when it comes to filling senior roles in government. Here’s a few reasons why 1. Seriously well networked and knows what a good search firm looks like 2. Knows how HR works in the civil service and forms positive relationships with business partners, 3. Will go to great lengths to ensure the best possible outcome 4. Works very hard to understand what you are looking for and equally – helps good candidates judge whether the role is going to work for them and lastly 5. Is always, always at your service.

Emma Stace, Director Department for Education

From my point of view one of the things that was surprising in my recruitment into the Home Office was the amount of time that it took to get through the on-boarding process. It took longer to get from offer to start date than it did to get from application to offer. I can see that for many people this might not be an issue, if they were working out their notice for example, but for me it was quite frustrating and made more so by the lack of information available about how the process was progressing. The role that you played was fundamental to me not reopening discussions with some of the other organisations that I had been talking to. You made sure that I had all the information that was available and helped to ensure that multiple approaches were being taken to ensure that the fastest way through the process was found.

Carolyn Pratley, Programme Director – Home Office